[:en]Future Van. Int. Schools – Abha – renewed the accreditation 2018 [:]

[:en]Future Van. Int. Schools – Abha – renewed the accreditation 2018 [:]

18 فبراير 2018

Thanks to God, Future Van. International Schools – Boys and Girls – American Section in Abha renewed the American Accreditation” Advanced” for the year 2018…
The committee of accreditation visited the schools from 11/2/2018 till 15/2/2018..During their visit, they evaluated the administrative and academic staff through visits and interviews with teachers, administrators, and the school principals.

Also, a meeting was held with a group of students and parents to discuss their level of satisfaction with the educational service provided to them.

And in the last meeting which held for the accreditation committee in the theater of Talent and Education Company in Minsk to announce the results, the Accrediting Committee led by Mr. Phil Metc announced that the schools have passed all criteria that are properly evaluated with efficiency.

As well,
The General manager of Talent and Education Company, Mr. Mohammed Al-Zahrani
, the educational director, Mr. Nasser Saif
, and the academic superintendent, Dr. Wael AlBaily
thanked the Committee for renewing the accreditation of the schools in 2018 and for all managers, academics, and administrators for working to promote the education process in the company and schools.
Girls Section team work
? School Director / Mrs. Dalia Al-Assiri and the vice principal, Mrs. Yami AlYamy
? Academic supervisor / Mrs. Rabab Hamdy
? Accreditation Committee/ Mrs. Kishwar Shakur …Mrs. Rania Al-Sharif

KG section

? KG section vice prinicipal supervisor / Mrs. Kamala AlShehri

? Academic supervisor / Mrs. Rania Shaaban

We ask Allah to grant our success.



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